16 August 2010

Scenes From The Weekend

Boy oh boy, do I have funny stories to share with you. All in all, our weekend was delightful and felt like it lasted for a long time (always a good thing!).

By far, the most amusing aspect was Friday night, when we took our guests to a local restaurant/lounge for dinner, drinks and live music. The food was good (spicy empanadas, crab cakes and chocolate souffle were favorites), but the real fun came after dinner, when we headed inside the lounge after eating outside on the patio. The room was pulsing with sweaty bodies dancing to a band playing pop covers. What's so strange about this, you ask? We were easily the youngest people there.

The average age of all the lounge-goers was approximately 50. We definitely spotted a few 75+ too. This wouldn't be all that amusing (hey, middle-aged folks are entitled to a fun night) if it weren't for the fact that they were acting like drunken college students. Picture this: 55-year-old women girating in leopard print tube tops and skin-tight jeans while screaming out Britney Spears lyrics to leering, pot-bellied men.

Now, I'm not trying to be judgmental here. I'm actually not much of a club-goer myself, as I find the whole scene kind of ridiculous in general. But this was just so bizarre, and therefore highly entertaining. I'm used to seeing 22-year-old's acting sloppy, not their parents and grandparents. We stayed for a few drinks and then called it a night. I've now officially experienced suburbia gone wild.

The rest of the weekend was much more uneventful. Brunch on Saturday (that cheeky sign hangs in the restaurant), followed by a brief Ikea trip (picked up a pillow I'd been eying), and a late-night jog. Sunday was rainy and involved sleeping in, lazy sketching (yes, that's one of my many, many face doodles), old movies and book-reading, popsicles, and cupcakes. Those gold spoons were a hostess gift from our friends who stayed overnight on Friday. My tea received the royal treatment this morning because of them.

How was your weekend? Any funny stories? Please share :)


  1. I officially moved to Suburbia this weekend and got a little scared reading your post:-). I hope I don't ever have to endure that scene, it's a bit disturbing, but yet entertaining...No pictures from club?


  2. Maya- we were too spellbound to take any photos! I literally people watched in stupified awe the entire time.

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and leaving such a lovely comment! Pleased to have found your blog - now following!

    Looks like a great weekend; love that pillow!

  4. So many lovely pictures, it's hard to pick a favorite!

    Your club outing sounds hilarious or horrendous, I cannot decide :-) I'll take the brunch over the club any time ;-)

  5. Will-Right back at you, sir! Thanks for visiting.

    Elisa-thank you :) And I'm exactly the same way regarding the choice of brunch over a club (especially after this most recent experience. As you said, horrendously hilarious!

  6. Nightclubs are so entertaining to people watch in, aren't they? This is a hilarious mental image! The all age factor is a bit more prevalent here in Germany, but leopard print tube top? I think a woman of any age would look a bit desperate in that (please take no offense if you own one ;)
    I wish my weekend had felt like it lasted a long time! suddenly it was monday and so hard to go to work!
    xox ashley

  7. Ashley--funny you mention that about the all-age factor in Germany: our guests are originally from Europe and they didn't find that aspect too bizarre either. It was more the fashion/overall debauchery of all the clubgoers.


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