11 August 2010

So, I'm a Southern Belle at Heart

*all images from the historic districts of Savannah & Charleston, courtesy of Google

For as long as I can remember, I have had a bit of a obsessive crush on two southern cities: Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia. The history is rich, the tea is sweet and the charm is unparalleled.* Or so I hear. The thing is, I've never actually been to either of this cities. They are both at the very top of my travel wish list (hopefully soon, like I'm thinking within the next year or so. I can't bear to wait much longer).

I (not so) secretly want to be married there. Yep, pretty much all of my wedding daydreaming involves a venue exactly like this:

 (Azalea Inn & Gardens, Savannah, GA)

*My close friends and family know about my tendency towards, and strong belief in the stereotypical "southern charm." I am a believer that practicing kindness, politeness, consideration & respect for others, and having a general sense of proper social "etiquette" can take you quite far in life. More on that in another post, though. Back to planning my make-believe cotillion party now.


  1. Um, that would be an amazing wedding! My family took a trip to Savannah and Charleston years ago and while I thought I would like Charleston way more, I was actually quite smitten by Savannah! Try and take one of the historical tours and stay at someone local's apartment!

    Oh, and looking forward to your other post on southern charm! :)

  2. Dating a Southern gentleman makes me wish I was raised in the South, too! I'm hoping that his gracious manners and my New England sensibilities make us the perfect pair, though!

  3. Porches! I love the porches! I have always wanted to visit the South of USA. Maybe a bit of New Orleans too...

  4. Colleen--you are so lucky! Just from googling images last night, I feel like aesthetically, Savannah might really win me over in the end, too. I will definitely take the historical tour.

    Lena-I'm a New England girl too and forever will be. We are pretty sensible gals! :)

    Elizabeth- I know, wrap-around porches make me weak in the knees. And yes, New Orleans is my #3 most obsessed about southern city!

  5. As a Nashville girl born and bred I'd have to agree--the South has a charm unlike any other region in the US.

    I'm still biased when it comes to weddings though :) California won my heart over that battle!


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