18 August 2010

Sparkle Thots

Can we please take a minute and discuss all of the loveliness available in Sparkle Thots? So many of these pieces have been residing in my Etsy "favorites" for weeks.

Sparkle Thots "provides handmade jewelry for the modern woman of today. A touch of whimsy, a touch of feminism, a touch of romanticism, a touch of class. Always wearable."

And did I mention how reasonable the prices are? Most pieces are under $25!

I can't get enough.


  1. no way! how can these pieces be less than $25?! amazing. that rose gold bow ring is exquisite :)
    xx fallon

  2. Lovely! And the price is unbeatable! (Simple) jewelry making is so rewarding! I got inspired lately and bought basic supplies, now I just need the time and order in my new house to begin making things. The possibilities are endless and you can get inspired by simple everyday things like a branch, someone's ethnic outfit on the street or even the shape of a building.
    I doubt I would many anything as sophisticated as these items any time soon though:-)

  3. Fallon-I know! I seriously covet every other item in her shop. And with those prices, I can certainly indulge my admiration a bit. Thanks for stopping by :)

    Maya-How fun! You better keep me updated on your jewelry-making endeavors.


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