17 August 2010

Upon Awaking

Lately, I feel real contentment upon awaking. It's probably because I am able to choose when I actually do so, as it is still summer and I am a teacher. During the academic year, I'm awakened (jolted, really) by the treacherous alarm clock at the ungodly hour of 5:15 AM, and I am definitely not content. Catching the sunrise is sometimes nice, but it certainly doesn't make up for my exhausted state of mind.

But the last few weeks? I find myself lazily opening one eye to peer out the window, still quite sleepy, but more happy than anything, knowing that I can remain snuggled in my sheets for another few minutes, or even hours if I want to. Often, I do just that and let the morning quietly slip away in favor of sleep. But, sometimes, I make my way over to the curtains, peek through at the light pouring in, and feel grateful for a new morning, and the hot cup of coffee or tea waiting in the kitchen. I find mornings to be incredibly special, especially when you are able to savor them slowly.

Tell me, are you more inclined to savoring your mornings with an early rise, or would you happily let them pass for a few extra hours of rest? 

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  1. i LOVE waking up early on the weekends - when I can enjoy my time with a lazy breakfast, walking the dog and then easing into projects as i like. but on week days i would happily sleep in to delay heading in to office... xx,jane

  2. I'm up early during the week, and always feel productive when my feet hit the floor in the pre-dawn hours. But during the weekend, there's nothing I love more than snuggling back into the covers!

  3. Lately I've been savoring...but I need to get back to my early gym routine! ;)

  4. Jane--it does seem easier to wake up when you don't actually have to. Funny how that is.

    Lena-I'm the same! (mostly because I have to be during the school year). Come weekends, the only thing waking me up before 9 is breakfast in bed ;)

    Susan--I hear you. I can't do it though. I have tried numerous times with the early morning run and it just doesn't happen. Now, I try to go at night to get my butt off the couch :)

  5. Love the first image! Most days I'm a 'aargh leap out of bed person' but come the weekend it's a different story. I hope you're having a lovely week so far :)

  6. Elsa May-thank you for the sweet comment! I am indeed having a lovely week and hope you are as well.


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