06 August 2010

Weekend Blinks + Beach

I must admit, I had some difficulty narrowing down this edition of weekend Blinks (blog links). I have encountered an abundance of loveliness recently. Enjoy!

Graphite Pencil Alphabet, via Words & Eggs

A pretty vignette via The City Sage

Charming & eclectic dining area (love those teeny boats!) via Desire to Inspire

Soft, feminine, dreamy dresses & adorable candy wedding favors via La Petite Coquin

 Another lovely vignette, spotted on Decor8

DIY Walnut Shell Boats (I'm crazy over this one) at Hip Hip Hooray

This colorful "Cabo" pillow (I want it so much) discovered on Coco + Kelley

Song lyric wall-hanging via Daydream Lily

*DIY: A toddler pillowcase dress tutorial, from Nicole at Making it Lovely

Elephants receiving a bath, seen on Pretty Stuff

As you read this, I'm most likely dipping my toes in the ocean on Cape Cod. We drove up Thursday night and will stay through until Sunday. I'm excited to have been able to spend more than just one weekend at my family's Cape house this summer. Can you believe there's only a few more summer weekends left? I'm having mixed feelings about the change of seasons right now. I hope you're able to enjoy the remaining days of this one.


  1. Those are so pretty! Have a nice weekend :)

  2. ooh, love those wedding favors! hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  3. Thank you for the link! Enjoy Cape Cod and one of the last summer weekends; we'll be dipping our toes in the chilly Pacific!

  4. Those pencils are incredible! Thanks for sharing :)


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