28 September 2010

Apple Boxes

3 Things I know for certain:

1). I am a teacher
2). The month of September will forever symbolize back to school
3). I really love apples

What I can't figure out is whether I love apples because I'm a teacher, if I'm a teacher because I love apples, how apples became the symbol for teachers, and if September was designated as back to school month precisely because it's also the start of apple season.

Alas, September is nearly over and this is too much for my brain to think about any longer, so I rounded up some cute little apple boxes for you instead.

Splendor in the Snow Wooden Apple Box;
Shiny Apple Trinket Box;
Thailand Black & Gold Glazed Apple;
MOMA Apple Jar;
Our Shop Small Apple Storage Container


  1. Too funny, your train of thought in this post is exactly how my brain tends to work too! And I love that last green apple container, so cute!

  2. hip hip gin gin: this is how I think about everything. tends to get tiring ;)

  3. Gah, so adorable! I love, love, love that shiny red apple-it's a little back to school and a little Snow White!

  4. hahaha...I have 2 apple boxes...no idea why? I'm just so drawn to them!

  5. Lena: I'm so attracted to red lately, putting a post together on a bunch of red finds soon :)

    Kimia: haha cool! Where'd you find yours?


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