07 September 2010

Dear Baby

Perhaps you are already acquainted with the tumblr blog Dear Baby. I just discovered it last night and spent hours trolling the beautiful archives and reading Melissa's letters to her baby girl, Everly (new favorite name, by the way). I love her writing style and general aesthetic, but that probably has something to do with her adorable muse. I added it to my reader and am thus proclaiming that my case of baby fever has reached treacherous temperatures.

(all photos belong to Melissa of Dear Baby)


  1. SERIOUSLY. This is the SWEETEST thing EVER!!! She even buys her little vintage dresses!! I love the name Everly too....ahh thanks for sharing : )

  2. I know, seriously Colleen, I died reading through her archives. Too cute not to share!

  3. Everly-what a gorgeous name! Not only is the blog charming to the nth degree, she's going to have such a beautiful keepsake of her earliest years!

  4. Lena-Technology really is amazing for that sort of thing, isn't it? It makes me wonder what it will be like when I have kids in a few years!


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