21 September 2010

A Fall Medley

This week marks the official start of the fall season. Shall we bid "adieu" to summer and welcome autumn with some seasonally festive goodies? I vote yes.

Shopping Guide:

A Happy Couple Mug Set;
Rustic Apple Tree Tea Light Holders;
Vintage Golden Autumn Leaf Brooch;
Autumn Hues Original Watercolor;
Rolled Rose & Lace Headband;
Turkish Bath Towel;
Brass Apple Locket Necklace;
Apple Cider Cottage Heart Soap


  1. I miss fall a lot. I miss the layered outfits and pumpkin pies and just everything about fall. Please make the most out of fall for me. =)

  2. We like to call it Autumn, but I love it all the same!

  3. MMmmm, that headband is GORGEOUS.

    I am SO ready for fall. Summer is always just a little too long for me.

    Love your blog, will definitely be back :)

  4. Just yesterday, I roasted a chicken with fingerling potatoes, onions, carrots and roasted garlic, and served it with dry hard cider-I'm ready for fall, too!

  5. Chinkygirlmel: where do you live? I'm sure wherever you are has beauty all its own. But, I will do my best :)

    Elizabeth-I actually call it both. "Autumn" sounds so pretty but my 3 yr old students don't know what I mean when I use that word. odd but true.

    Silver Strands: thank you so much for visiting and for your sweet comments!

    Lena: um, yum! when do I get to come for dinner? ;)


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