16 September 2010

Fortune Cookies...In Bed

The night before last, we had Chinese take-out for dinner. I'm a big fan of Chinese food and an even bigger fan of fortune cookies. Well, that's a bit of a lie. I don't particularly enjoy the taste of fortune cookies. It's the "cracking open and reading the fortunes part" I like.

Tiho and I started the ridiculous tradition of adding the phrase "in bed" to the end of our fortunes. We didn't invent this silliness (I'm sure a few of you have done it...right?). We get a serious kick out of the fact that it works like magic on every fortune. Case in point:

"Accept your independence and use it wisely...in bed."

"Face facts with dignity...in bed."

"42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot...in bed."

Those were our fortunes the other night. I'm still bursting into random snicker fits today thinking about the highly improved modifications. 

What, I forgot to tell you I'm actually a 14-year-old boy? Guess the cat's out of the bag.



  1. I love this! I have a collection of misspelled or grammatically illogical fortune cookies, and cracking them open is the best way to end a yummy dinner!

  2. ahaha We do this too!! In fact we just had Chinese a few nights ago. My favorite was:

    "You will soon be the center of attention"...in bed. :D

  3. Lena--I need to start keeping mine. It would be so cool to store them in a jar and have dinner guests pull one out.

    Suzie--SEE?? It works for everything, I swear it!

    Kimia--glad I can amuse :)

  4. ooh that's too funny - must remember to try it next time. I'm with you on the cookies, not that keen on the taste, but love the 'fortunes'.


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