03 September 2010

Hooray! It's a Three-Day Weekend Edition of Blinks

It's been fun returning to the blog world and seeing so many nice things this week after my vacation.  Time to spread the love with some weekend "blinks" (blog blinks):

The charming work of French artist & designer, Nathalie Lete, discovered on Sfgirlbybay

 1 Frenchie + 1 red polka-dot bicycle = photo perfection (via Margot Austin)

Melanie's sweet new gig: creating party ideas inspired by children's literature on Hip Hip Hooray (If you were wondering, I would gladly do this for a living should I ever be afforded the opportunity)

Ruffles done right on the Cherry Blossom Girl

A Baby in a Bowtie spotted on Color Me Katie

This newly published book collaboration between artists first caught my eye because of the title (obviously) and then completely captivated my heart upon further review of the content. I think it will make a rad addition to my coffee table. (via Design*Sponge)

This A-DOR-A-BLE photo as seen on Snippet & Ink

And this grown-up version of pure, unadulterated, newlywed bliss via Ruffled

The color of this ring (Satomi Kawakita) makes me weak in the knees, spotted on Unruly Things

 Joy's farmer's market flowers artfully arranged on her killer coffee table. I lust.

All I have to say is, thank the lordy it's a 3-day weekend because our house is in serious need of a major cleaning. I'm talking piles upon piles of folded laundry taking over the living room, suitcases still spilling over with unpacked contents in the bedroom and a light layer of visible dust lining every surface. Plus, lots of unnecessary clutter building up everywhere simply because we let it and it's oh-so-easy to just not care and live like little piggies. But, I refuse to surrender to this post-vacation laziness for one more second. House beautiful, here we come. 

Hope your weekend is full of good, clean fun (or good, dirty fun, 'cause hey, you only live once!).


  1. Blinks-too clever! I'm absolutely crazy for that red polka dot bicycle-the Frenchie is really too much! Hope you have a fabulous holiday weekend!

  2. You too, Lena! And yes, the red polka-dots caught my eye, but the Frenchie stole my heart :)


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