30 September 2010

Illustrations by Jaymie O'Callaghan

I recently came across British artist Jaymie O'Callaghan's blog and was immediately taken with her illustrations. I love her use of color and the way she captures expression.  I can't help but think how awesome these pieces would look on my walls, so I'm hoping she'll open an online print shop soon...

For now, visit her flickr photo stream and blog for loads of aesthetic inspiration.


  1. What stunning illustrations! I love that last one-so chic!

  2. They are all gorgeous, but the first one is my definite favorite! I do hope she opens a print shop I would love to have that hanging on my wall!

  3. thanks for your comments, ladies! I don't want to put another post up bc I like them being the first thing I see. I'm so weird.

  4. Oh glad to see Jaymie here, she is such a sweetie, I recently asked her to do a project for me and it came up brilliantly!

  5. Hello I just came across this!
    thankyou thats so sweet :)
    I have an etsy now but only put one thing up as went on holibob haha but I can get anything printed up for you if you email me or contact me with request also selling the orignal of the last piece :)

  6. Jaymie, hi! You are so talented :) Good to know you offer prints, I just may have to look into something...


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