08 September 2010

Paper Quilling

In awe of these intricate paper quilling designs by Yulia Brodskaya and Carl Kleiner, respectively. Maybe this explains my desire to hover above the scissor bin today.

(via Short Story Design)


  1. these are so cool! I'm kind of fascinated by paper quilling.. I used to do it in the classroom when I was bored haha. I should give it another go :)
    xx fallon

  2. Aren't these wonderful?! Quilling brought into the 21st century.

  3. Fallon-I want to try it too. Anything involving colorful paper and I'm sold.

    Ann-I know, it was so cool to discover that the technique has been around for so long.

    Susan-me as well :)

  4. John brought home a Baroque guitar this week with the most beautiful paper cathedral nestled inside the sound hole-I started at it for hours!

  5. I don't know who made the 2nd work but I don't think it's the work of Carl Kleiner. I went to his site and none of it is quilling. I bet both are the work of Yulia Brodskaya

    There is no need to add the word paper to quilling. Most of us call it simply quilling or paper filigree.

    It's not difficult to learn but it does take alot of practice to do it well. I've been quilling for over 50 years now and I'm still learning new things.

    I don't know how anyone could be bored by quilling. It's an art form that is continually changing and growing.


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