06 September 2010

Scenes From The Weekend

A 3-day-weekend just makes life better, doesn't it? Ours included a major house cleaning (thank goodness!), an overnight visit from my mom (who cooked us a delicious dinner of salmon and a yummy baked brie appetizer), a Saturday afternoon outing resulting in the acquisition of a black wood console/side table for just $45 (pictured are my haphazard styling attempts), a Netflix viewing of Babies (sooo cute, I'm obsessed), the sipping of hot chocolate at Sunday brunch, a ginormous bag of gorgeous tomatoes from the farmer's market for only $3, park bench reading & people-watching, a Monday morning run, a few errands around town, and some lazy watching of the U.S. Open.

Those pink birthday roses are in their prime after having been delivered last week from my sister. Oh, and that gorgeous abstract painting arrived on my doorstop on Friday (also gifted from my sister). We immediately rearranged some of our wall art collection to make sure it received a starring role. (It actually hangs directly above our new table as it appears in the photo configuration above).

Perhaps it has something to do with it being freshly cleaned and organized, but I really enjoyed our house this weekend. I had one of those "I am in love with our home" moments on Sunday, which made me feel all warm inside. Maybe this means a home tour is forthcoming :)

How was your weekend? Whether you had the extra day off or not, I hope you enjoyed some happy moments.


  1. The pink roses are lovely and the black console was such a bargain - great find!

  2. Love your new side table and painting! Sounds like another dreamy weekend : ) Mine was similar...good food, good people. : ) I can't believe fall is here!

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend. I always find a good clean and tidy always reconnects me with my space.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to comment, all. You make me happy :)


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