20 September 2010

Scenes From The Weekend

We had some seriously fabulous weather this weekend. Coupled with the consumption of excellent food and plenty of relaxation, I'm beginning this new week with a smile on my face.

Friday night and most of Saturday, we indulged in laziness around the house. I blasted jazz radio (so good), wrote some letters & thank you notes, read books & blogs and gave myself a pedicure. Tiho decided to spend a large chunk of the day in the kitchen, which greatly benefited me, as I was fed delicious concoctions like homemade crepes for brunch (chocolate & banana and tomato & feta!) and apricot glazed kitchen with plums & sage for dinner. Can't complain. In the late afternoon, we made a quick run to Michael's craft store to pick up some frames so I could hang a few pieces of art that have been sitting. (That lovely calligraphy was a gift from one of my blogging friends. Isn't she incredibly talented?)

On Sunday, we went for a stroll through our town's annual fall festival, where we browsed various craft vendors and a petting zoo, listened to live music, ate chicken gyros & caramel corn, and smiled at lots of young children in bounce houses. The rest of the day was spent organizing for the week, taking care of some of the items on my to-do list and drafting out a short paper for one of my graduate courses.

How was your weekend? I hope you were able to relax and enjoy some down time. For right now, I leave you with this question: Is there anything better than warm, gooey, just-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies? I'm having trouble thinking of something, which isn't too surprising, as I consumed that entire plate on Saturday night.

(all images by me)


  1. This sounds like a wonderful weekend! We had a big, Greek family wedding (which was equally parts wonderful and stressful, and I was just a guest!) but my honey was sick all weekend! We pumped grapefruit juice through his veins so he's feeling better today, thank goodness!

  2. Roofless and doorless jeep riding throughout ritzy Montclair and Verona, with wind in the air and pumpkin lattes! We tried to get lost and find our way back, although we did have the GPS, just in case. I saw so many beautiful houses that now I got the whole home bug reactivated again.

  3. Lena: citrus works wonders! hope your honey is feeling better :)

    Maya: wow, your description alone has me excited!


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