27 September 2010

Scenes From The Weekend

Hello, hello. How are you doing on this 27th day of September? Did your weekend leave you feeling content?

Mine consisted of a nice balance between busy and relaxed. On Friday, I arrived home around 7:00 pm and fell asleep before 10:00 pm (I was awake long enough to eat the roast chicken dinner that Tiho prepared). The longevity of my week fully caught up with me, so a good night's sleep felt like such a luxury.

On Saturday, my mom and I spent the day in Manhattan browsing the Antiques Garage Flea Market in Chelsea. It was my first time there and it rocked. I discovered so many incredible vintage vendors and found the prices of most to be quite fair. While there were at least 10 other items I could have easily walked away with, I am happy with what I ended up taking home for just $34: two pretty handkerchiefs, one of which contains one of my favorite Picasso line drawings ($1 each), a 40-year-old framed sketch portrait ($2) and a wooden set of bowling pins and balls from the late 1800's ($30). The only thing still lurking in my mind is a pair of framed botanical prints dating back to the 1700's in the prettiest shades of yellow and blue. With any luck, I'll visit again soon and they'll be tucked away in a corner somewhere waiting to be found. That's what I love most about flea markets and thrifting: the thrill of the hunt for something truly special. The Antiques Garage is open every weekend from 9:00 am-5:00 pm...definitely worth your time if you're in NYC.

After shopping, we enjoyed a late lunch at one of my favorite french restaurants (Jacques, located in Nolita), window-shopped some designer boutiques in the neighborhood (we both fell in love with that wedding gown) and then went to a really cool mentalist/magic show in Soho. It was surreal and left me utterly perplexed and contemplating the link between mentalism, magic and perception. Later Saturday evening, Tiho joined me in the city and we attended a birthday celebration at the new apartment of one of our closest couple friends. Fun times all around.

After a jam-packed day and night on Saturday, I happily indulged myself as a certified couch potato all day Sunday and it felt great. Now, off to tackle another busy week. Happy Monday!


  1. It sounds like you has such fun at the Antiques Garage Flea Market in Chelsea. I went to the Chelsea Market for the first time last weekend when I was in the city and I feel in love with it in an instant. Great that the High Line is so close, too!

  2. Your weekend sounds divine, and if you feel bad for going to bed at 10pm on Friday....don't I am usually out by 9 :)

  3. Sounds like an absolutely divine weekend! And that wedding gown? I'm in love!

  4. Will: I love the chelsea market. This one is similar, just indoors all year-round. So much goodness!

    Emily: It was one of the best parts of my weekend...sleep is magical :) Thanks for your comment!

    Lena: You should have seen the prices (some gowns upwards of $20,000...yikes!)


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