21 October 2010

Hodgepodge: Wedding Edition

A few wedding details recently caught my eye...

I think both the bride and the color palate in this wedding are incredibly gorgeous (love her dress and the fact that she wore her hair loose):

 Simple & romantic peony bouquets always win me over like in this wedding:

Flower girl(s) wearing petticoats like the cutie from this wedding:

I adore the use of large, colorful, handmade banners especially like this one:

And unexpected beautiful rustic blue from this wedding:

Hooray for love!


  1. Gorgeous pictures.. I love the first two!

  2. Love this wedding hodgepodge-those cheery sunflower bouquets are divine, and I loved Paul and Brittany's amazing, creative wedding!

  3. Laken-thanks for stopping by and commenting! The food photos on your blog look divine, I'm gonna have to browse a bit longer later ;)

    Lena-I am obsessed with Paul and Brittany. Have you seen their engagement photos?

  4. Oh I'm such a hopeless romantic, and these photos are beautiful.


  5. hey! my friend, aaron, was the photographer on the first wedding. love to see that!! great find. :) he really is THE best.

  6. Lauren-well you have quite the talented photographer friend! I love this wedding so much :)


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