05 October 2010

Home Inspiration: Sneaky Neon + Flowers

I first saw these images on Seesaw several weeks ago and I can't stop thinking about them. Reason enough to share, right? The pretty colors and styling make me happy (and motivated to turn a corner of my own home into an equally as stunning vignette). Doesn't the neon almost sneak up on you? It's obviously bold, but not so much so to be a turn off.

Styling: Tina Hellberg
Photography: Magnus Anesund for Swedish Elle Interior


  1. Uplifting, bold colours AND fresh blooms? I'm sold!

  2. "Sneaky neon"? You're the cutest! But it's true-they're little pops of color with just enough zing to leave you energized and not so much that your retinas burn.

  3. Love the pink table! And I totally agree, neon colors are gorgeous but in small pops only.

  4. Will, I'm beginning to realize that our tastes are very very similar!

    Lena, hahah "not so much that your retinas burn." yes!

    Hip hip gin gin: I love the pink table too. I'm just not so sure I can convince my boyfriend of the value in a pink piece of furniture ;)

  5. Hah! I loveee the term "sneaky neon." And yes--its amazing when used in the right doses!

  6. I love that last image! so pretty.


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