07 October 2010

Hugo Guinness

The minimalistic style of artist Hugo Guinness really appeals to me:

I think his art makes the biggest impact when grouped together gallery style like this:

What do you think? Hugo Guinness prints are available exclusively at John Derian. (They're quite pricey, so I'm thinking about using his style as inspiration for my own illustrations and pairing them with thrifted vintage frames).

(all images courtesy of John Derian, except #6 courtesy of Real Simple)


  1. I do love me a good art wall. This little number is especially divine!

  2. I like your thoughts...take the inspiration and make it your own. His prints are beautiful and I love those art walls. I started a mini one at our apartment, but it's not that intense yet!

    Did you see your guest posts are up on my blog? : ) Let your readers know! Thanks again! xoxo

  3. Gah, those art walls are gorgeous! And I love the idea of using him as inspiration for your own illustrations-"Good artists borrow, great artists steal", after all!

  4. Colleen: I did see, thank you! I'm going to provide the links in my weekend blinks tomorrow.


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