28 October 2010

On Teaching

My students bring so much joy and light to my life.  I truly feel I have found my calling working with young children and a large part of me thinks I will for the rest of my life.

However, I've become more conscious about refraining from making definitive statements about life plans, partly because I am trying to challenge my virgo-planner tendencies and partly because I know life has the potential to take whatever plans I've laid out for myself and flip them on their tush.

 This being said, (if I haven't already hammered the point to smithereens), I love what I do. And for that, I feel blessed. I spend my days surrounded by tiny magical people who tell hilarious stories and find authentic wonder in pieces of string cheese and the weightlessness of feathers.

I am happy.

image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 original source unknown, please comment if you know, via We Heart It (tag: "kids"); 6 by Melanie Rodriguez via The Drifter & the Gypsy; 7 unknown via Milk; 8 by Jason Lee via V-Neck and a Cardigan


  1. OMG, the last picture is hilarious! :)))

  2. These kids are too cute!! And this is a lovely post, it must feel so good to go to a job you enjoy every day. I wish we could all be more like little kids, grown ups tend to take the world for granted.

  3. Wonderful photos and an even better sentiment. It's wonderful to find something that makes you happy and fulfilled, and you're a lucky woman.

  4. LOVE the last photo. so cute.

    And that's so sweet that you work with little kiddies. My mother has been a preschool teacher for over 10 years now and sometimes she has the cutest stories to tell about her students. =)

  5. It must be such a joy to work with kids. I love what you said in your post. Sometimes I wish I had chosen that as my career - it's so hard to decide when you're in college!

  6. i love photos of tiny magical people :) the little girl with the cam is the CUTEST!

  7. Linda: I swear, I could publish a book of stories solely based on what comes straight out of the mouths of my kids!

    Alli: I know, and I actually didn't make that decision until the very end of college. I majored in Philosophy and American studies, so now I'm finishing up a masters in Education. It's never too late! ;)


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