06 October 2010



Red and I have a magnetic connection. "Sexy," "bold," "cheerful" and "classic" are words commonly used to characterize this color, and are consequently, the same adjectives I like to think describe me (on a good day). Do you have a "magnetic" color?

Shopping Guide:
Cym & Ripple Coat;
Red Rockland Suitcase;
Rose Pillow;
Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick;
Duck, A Fine Art Nature Photograph;
Papillionaire Bicycle;
Clare Vivier Messenger Tote


  1. Love the colour red and love the cushion, although it might be a little too girly my other half.

  2. I LOVE the red coat! Last year I was on a mission to find a cute, vibrant-red coat that wouldn't break the bank and look good on me, but finally had to settle down for a black-and-purple one. One day when I am rich I'll be able to afford it! :)

  3. Oh red, you are my favorite! It's my go-to shade, for lipstick, dresses-anything!

  4. I'm saving for the coat. It's perfection to me.


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