18 October 2010

Scenes From The Weekend

Oh weekend, you went by much too quickly. Or maybe it just feels that way because of the extraordinarily busy week that awaits. How was yours?

Highlights from ours included shopping cart races down grocery aisles in my highlighter yellow vest (Tiho is a good sport); an absurdly delicious lunch of steamed mussels, pasta and wine at my mom's beautiful apartment in Queens (see that writing desk? We might inherit it in January if my mom decides to take a 6-month sabbatical/service trip overseas); game night and pizza at a friend's place on Saturday evening; and getting my paper finished before 2:00pm on Sunday (I rule!), leaving the rest of the afternoon and evening free to lounge. That floral painting in the window was a $6 score from a tiny flea market in my mom's neighborhood.

This is random, but I was thrilled by my discovery of a $1 generic brand of cereal at the grocery store. I bought "fruity o's" and they tasted exactly like fruit loops. Never spending $5 for a box of cereal again. A small but exciting victory in my ongoing "restore the savings account" mission.


  1. Looks like a fun weekend you had...

    Mine's a typical one,

    Sat - accompanied son to Taekwondo practice and eat out, although I am looking forward all week for our weekend lunch out.

    Sun - accompanied son to acting class, eat out again.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining here, it is what I want to do, to take good care of my child and support him in whatever way possible.

  2. So very much goodness going on here...love the yellow vest, the lovely painting and desk, and the fabulous skyline!
    And the cereal... love finding a good deal on something I love. My local grocery store has their own version of cheerios with berries that is just as good as the original at less than half the price. :)
    Have a happy, busy week

  3. On Saturday my man and I went to a few garage sales (I am a tiny bit addicted to what you can find at those, like a new breadmaker for $10!) and then carved pumpkins and mourned my dear kitty who's leaving us to go to kitty heaven....:-(

    A mixed bag, such as life is.

  4. love that writing desk!

    we are so cheap about cereal and have a rule about only buying it on sale for $2 or less :)

  5. That meal with your mom looks AMAZING! I agree that the weekend went by far too fast, but at least we enjoyed ourselves!

  6. Ann-your weekend sounds lovely too! Nothing better than spending time with the people we love.

    Will-how could I resist when I have such a love affair with color? ;)

    Michelle-thank you for your comment and well wishes for my week! Same to you :)

    Maya-I'm so sorry about your kitty :( I am glad you found some good deals at the garage sale though. always a happy thing!

    Alli- I need to give myself that rule! Cereal is ridiculously overpriced

    Lena-it's the only way, isn't it? What good is time off if it's not spent well?


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