25 October 2010

Scenes From The Weekend

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My weekend was exactly what I needed. A bit of creativity, some fruitful productivity, and lots and lots of lounging around. After work on Friday, I spent a couple of hours in my former neighborhood in the city (Union Square) to sit in the park and browse The Strand Bookstore. I hadn't been in a few months and think I more than made up for it. When I got home later that night, we lit candles, brewed a a pot of tea and enjoyed a cozy Friday night in watching Netflix.

After sleeping for 11 hours (that's nearly double the amount I usually get during the week), Saturday greeted us with a few errands; first to the AT&T store because my blackberry finally gave out, so I gave in to my upgrade with a new iPhone, and then to the craft store to pick up supplies for an upcoming project. I spent the rest of the afternoon staining a wooden tray (the result of which, I actually dislike, so oh well), reading, and updating my budget for the next several months (not so fun, but necessary...the hair pulling photo represents my "oy vey" state while in the process).

Sunday was characterized by requisite graduate writing, a lazy home-cooked brunch and later, dinner, and (wait for it), more relaxing. We went for a walk in the afternoon for some coffee and to pick up a $25 chair I found on Craigslist. What do we think? Keep it as is or paint it?

I'm quite the homebody, especially as the weather turns, so this weekend felt wonderful. How was yours? Any tales of grandeur? Delicious meals? Funny stories? Do share :)


  1. Loved hearing the tales of your weekend, it sounded super cosy and I too love being at home esp. in fall and winter. I think you should paint the chair a bright, happy colour, but then again, I would! ;)

  2. Wonderful photos as usual-the apple green tray is delicious! It was raining cats and dogs in SF this weekend, so after some puddle jumping, John and I curled up with cups of cocoa and Netflix!

  3. Your weekend sounds so cozy and recharging! Some time ago I resolved to never feel guilty if I simply relax and stay in for a weekend, no matter how "homebody" that sounds! (Since when is THAT a bad thing, Manhattan friends??")

    Also, I read "One Day" and it's a great book. I had a very difficult time tracking down another book by this British guy. Hurry because the movie comes out!

  4. I love stocking up on new books! My favourite kind of purchase. Looks like a great weekend!

  5. Will-I'm leaning towards painting too, just having trouble deciding which color.

    Lena-puddle jumping and hot cocoa? sounds marvelous!

    Maya-That's the one I'm most exited to read. It looks so intriguing. There's a movie??

    Jane-I spend waaaaay too much money on books. But I don't count it as spending money precisely because it's books. whoopsies ;)

  6. Kayla, they are shooting a movie now (obviously, after the book got so successful) but don't imdb it! The main actress is so NOT what I imagined Emma to be and I don't see a way a so-so director can capture the essence of the book in 90 minutes. I hate Hollywood sometimes....


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