13 October 2010

Vintage Crayola

Inspired by these images of vintage crayola packaging. One of my secret dream jobs is crayon color-namer. On a somewhat related note, I also think I'd be a pretty kick-ass ice cream flavor engineer. Where do you wander in your professional daydreams?



  1. These were so interesting to see, K! I think I'd rock at being a set designer for Broadway shows...well, in my daydreams! :)

  2. I'd love to open up a kitty shelter and take care of cats with no homes and help those that have been abused. I miss having a kitty so much and hate hate hate so much animal abuse! Not exactly a dream job but...:)

  3. these are INCREDIBLE. how did you find them!!? love it.

  4. Love these! I swear, all packaging used to be so much prettier. They need to bring back the vintage designs!

  5. Will & Maya, thanks for sharing your "alternative dream jobs!" Awesome to know some hidden passions of yours :)

    Kimia, Why wikipedia of course ;)

    Em, for serious.


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