08 October 2010

Weekend Blinks + Guest Posting

A few blinks (blog links) to welcome your weekend with a bit of pretty:

Have you heard about Wedzu, the brand new online marketplace for handmade and indie wedding-related goods? Tons of eye candy and fun finds. Discovered via (Black Eiffel)

Loving the crisp freshness and rustic charm of this kitchen spotted on the HGTV Blog (via Abby Sharp)

A castle and a garden. Please and thank you.  via Dancing Branflake

 I cannot sufficiently express my love for this chair spotted on The Style Files

Oh my. This salted caramel & chocolate cake recipe from Sweet Paul speaks for itself

Pretty lingerie spotted on Civetta

The NYTimes wants us to use our printers to create cool art (via Simple Blueprint)

I remember seeing block after block of these colorful rowhouses when I was in London a few years ago. My kind of street (via Desire to Inspire)

Cute limited edition pink japhy glasses from Warby Parker (via Hip Hip Gin Gin)

 How can you not smile at a tutu-clad prancing preschooler? (spotted on A Diary of Lovely's guest post on Oh, Hello, Friend)

I associate fall with cozy, colorful quilts like this one seen on Pennyweight

Haaaay, Friday! I'm pumped for a 3-day weekend thanks to Mr. Christopher Columbus. We have a few plans involving a hike/picnic at a nature reserve and apple picking (woo to the hoo!). Other than that, I'm stoked to sleep...and sleep...and did I mention sleep? (I know, I'm super interesting). What are you looking forward to this weekend?

*One of my best blogging friends Colleen (from Inspired to Share) is getting married this weekend and asked me to do a few "love-themed" guest posts for her this past week. Come check them out here, here, here and here.


  1. A salted caramel and chocolate cake? Pretty bowed lingerie? A magical castle + garden? This is Friday HEAVEN!

    Can't wait to read your love posts!

  2. enjoy your three day weekend, kayla!

  3. I'll take the kitchen, pref. inside one of those colourful mews houses, please. Thank you!

    Have a fab weekend, Kayla!

  4. Lena, Friday blinks ALWAYS remind me of some type of heavenly treat buffet :)

    Thank you Caroline, same to you!

    Will, do you live near notting hill? That's where I saw so many of these when I was in London!

  5. I love that I had no idea it was a 3 day weekend. :) Normally I have some idea what is happening stateside. out-of-the-loop.
    Wedzu! how did I NOT know about this?!?! AMAZING!
    Have a great long weekend my dear!

  6. I recently discovered your blog and I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks for sharing (the original grandparents were adorable!)

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