15 October 2010

Weekend Blinks + Procrastination

 Some blinks (blog links) to take you into your weekend:

Love love love this cute little owl from Michele Varian, discovered on One Sydney Road

I've been trying to find round, tie-back yellow seat cushions exactly like these pretties, spotted on Nina's magical New Zealand honeymoon recap. Anyone know where I can find a pair like it? (They're for two Bentwood chairs in my kitchen)

File this one under "awesome idea:" delicate teacup lights spotted on Lace & Tea

It's official. I want a fig tree. (This pretty room seen on Apartment Therapy)

This doily star tutorial via The Happy Home is so lovely & simple...can't wait to create a few and hang them in my house

I've seen lots of pretty 2011 calendars, but this floral fabric one spotted on Design*Sponge might be the most darling of them all

God I want a baby. (God, pretend you didn't hear that right now) via The Neo-Traditionalist

I could feel my heartbeat loud & clear when I saw this gorgeous mobile over on Pretty Mommy

The color in this embroidered art by Megan Whitmarsh is incredible, via Short Story Design

Like the vignette, love the quote. via Hope Bird

Shoe Clips! Fun! spotted on Seesaw

Friday. Weekend. Yes. We're looking forward to brunch at my mom's place and a Saturday evening game night with some friends. I'm also going to try really hard to not wait until 9:00pm Sunday to start a doozy of a graduate paper (due Monday). Where my fellow procrastinators at? 

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. I want a fig tree too! and that calendar has caught my eye as well. Great round-up - have a lovely weekend!

  2. Lovely yellow cushions! I'm resisting to not steal the idea but since my chairs are square, I wouldn't be a total plagiarist! :)

    Found these and these cushions online. Not sure if they are any good or if they'll fit your chairs but...take a look.

    And happy happy Friday!:-)

  3. Aaah, and since my brain is already in weekend mode, here are the links again:
    One (select the yellow)



  4. Friday. Weekend. Yes. Indeed.

    On Wednesday, I had a dream that the stork delivered John and I...a full bar! I'll probably be doing his homework for him this weekend so he's not scrambling at 9pm on Sunday night, either!

  5. Jane: fig trees rock :) Have a wonderful weekend!

    Maya: wow, thanks so much for the links! I'll have to check them out.

    Lena: hahaha you're a very good wife ;)

  6. So many things I just loved...off to check them out

  7. Kayla, Thanks so much for the mention in your Friday wrap up! I must say those shoe clip are adorable!


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