22 October 2010

Weekend Blinks + Projects + You

Yeah! Enjoy this week's edition of blinks (blog links):

I'm dreaming of this view and a relaxing Swedish get-a-way, thanks to Bliss

I'd rock 'em. (via That's Happy)

Loving these pretty floral lampshades spotted on Bleubird

I hope I always have an adventurous spirit (image spotted on Automatism

Newest addition to my wish list:  The Kate Spade & Strand Bookstore collaborative Short Story Collection (discovered on A Lovely Being)

How cool is the happy blankie?  It was designed by a 7-year-old and for every one sold, another is donated to a child in need. (via Ohdeedoh)

How do I become as glamorous as The Glamourai?

Such a serene work space spotted on It's Mary Ruffle

I need more bookshelves. (via The Neo-Traditionalist)

I'm really feeling the cape trend this fall and winter and love this feminine one I saw on Chasing Heartbeats

Pink pink pink, pretty pretty pink via One Sydney Road

Oh my word. It's been one of those weeks. I didn't get home until 11:00 pm three out of the past four nights due to work and school events, so I'm grateful for a totally plan-free weekend. I'm hoping to do a little crafting--some small projects, perhaps a bit of painting. I've been itching to create lately and never seem to find the time to just sit down and do it. What are you looking forward to this weekend? Whatever it is, I hope you have a lovely one!

P.S. Also want to say a huge thank you to all of you, my glorious, witty, awesome, beautiful readers. I've really felt the love these past few weeks and it often blows my mind that people actually enjoy reading my various bits & baubles and wiggles & shakes on here. Please introduce yourself if you're a silent lurker (don't worry, I'm guilty too). Sending you all into the weekend with a big wet kiss (and a pretty handkerchief to wipe it off).


  1. Isn't Nigella's library amazing?! Have a wonderful weekend, Kayla.

  2. Silent lurker. :) Love the blog - thanks for the Friday links (as it's a gorgeous Friday afternoon here!).

  3. And I want to thank YOU, Kayla, for this beautiful blog and for always finding time to comment on our comments:-) The prettiness you post always makes me smile in the mornings and many times I go look back for inspiration.

    Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend. I'm planning a rich, slow-cooker chili for my man, and something pumpkin based, cause it's that time of the year!

  4. Such wonderful things-I'm crazy for that Kate Spade short story collection, that darling little cape, and YOU!

    xx, Lena

  5. hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead! loving these links, especially that cute pic from Automatism :)

  6. Lovely roundup! That happy blankie is so sweet!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. dearest kayla,
    your blog is my daily read (i was introduced to your blog by my niece lisa and i have sent my thanks to you via her). i am canadian lady on stage 4 cancer journey and you bring me such "daily beautiful readings" my dear kayla......please continue with the joy of being just you and knowing that you make my world a better "read" everyday! sharon

  8. It touches me so deeply, that you touch so many, so profoundly.

  9. Cute glasses! And I love the cape trend too, especially with a bow!


  10. Wow. This is exactly why I do this every day. To say hello, to spread even a tiny bit of cheeriness, to share all that I see as beautiful and to connect with each of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    And Sharon, your comment moved me to tears. I'm thinking about you and feeling so touched that you take joy from my little space here.

  11. Love this post and your choices!! I'm so glad you've been blessed by blogging. Hope you have a relaxing weekend! xoxo

    P.S. I'm back and a wife!!!

  12. Oh, good blinks this week! Those lamp shades are so cute...and I'd love to have a library like Nigella's.


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