01 October 2010

Weekend Blinks + Sickling

Hello again. Care to partake in the ogling of some lovely weekend blinks (blog links)?

 The colors match my blog. Yup, I notice these things. via Pretty Stuff

This room is so pretty (love the painted heart, but that's not too surprising), spotted on Greige

Delightful handkerchief pillows from Blue Eye Brown Eye etsy shop, discovered on A Room Somewhere

Loving this girl's simple style, red lips and fiery hair spotted on Cup of Jo

It's true. (via Design Crush)

"How to spend a rainy day" collage, via the impossibly talented Jane of Lox Papers

Beautiful wedding invitations from a serious stunner of a wedding, via La Petite Coquin

Who wants to have a cozy dinner party in this setting? That would be me! spotted on High Street Market

This book was just added to my amazon wish list, thanks to Frolic

 A sweet vintage junkyard engagement shoot spotted on Ruffled

 This DIY chalkboard painted globe looks like a fun project, via Design*Sponge

 Hmm, can I ask our landlord to demolish our staircase and put in something like this instead? (From Courtney Wotherspoon's home, spotted on Style Files)

Happy 1st of October! (whaaa?) I've been really under the weather the past few days and am a bit bummed about being sick because we're leaving early Saturday morning to spend the weekend upstate (in Ithaca, NY) to see my beautiful sister in a production of Electra. I was looking forward to enjoying an entire weekend full of fall festivities, but it's looking like I'll be spending most of mine sleeping in the hotel room. Not losing all my faith though, so here's to hoping for a speedy recovery.

Enjoy your weekend, and stay healthy!


  1. Drink a gallon of grapefruit juice-it's my best sick advice. My voice teacher, on the other hand, recommends gargling bourbon, or any other brown booze on hand!

    Blinks this week were such a treat, and I was so honored to be included! Those handkerchief pillows? That heart room? What divine inspiration!

  2. Ooooh, these are some excellent blinks this week, lady! I spotted that red-headed girl on some blogs too and it reminds me of my baby sister who has wild orange hair. I think she will be just as stunning.

  3. Hope you feel better, K! To add on to the first comment, a very nice remedy is boiling water with 2 tea bags of chamomile or valerian tea, a few cloves, a cinnamon stick and a shot or two of brandy/whiskey (or rakia, ask your guy:)). It's very warm and calming and will probably put you to sleep but you'll feel refreshed the next day. Also, it helps if someone prepares it for you with love :)

  4. Oh boy, thank you for the "feel better remedies!" (and of course, for your comments). I'm going to go try some of these asap. Glad you all enjoyed this week's list...it's one of my favorites!

  5. hi kayla! hi hi! i just stumbled upon your adorable blog and couldn't help but hit the "follow" button! i look forward to following your adventures in the months to come!

  6. You've got such a dreamy, wonderful blog... I love it! * w *

    It's so feminine and interesting to read, really. I love all of the beautiful images from your previous posts, too! It's full of beautiful art; you've got great taste ; u ;

    Also, you're so pretty! kekekeke

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~

  7. Kate & Orphin's Domains: Thank you so much for such sweet compliments and welcome :)


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