19 November 2010

Blinks + Adrenaline

Enjoy this week's blinks (blog links)...

It's taking me forever to decide the style of business/calling card I want, but then I spotted this antique inspiration on Size Too Small and fell crazy in love

I saw this image and immediately wanted to print it out and give it to Emma (my sister). It so unbelievably captures her spirit. Found here via Just Be Splendid

Pink roses & gold bud vases. Simple beauty. (spotted on A Country Farmhouse)

So many calendars, so little time. Just saw this one by Michelle Armas and think it should be dubbed the 2011 calendar queen...

 A little bit in love with these sequined oxfords. Aaand a LOT in love with the $25 price tag! (discovered on Style, She Wrote)

 Yep, this will be my wedding exit (via Snippet & Ink)

 This room is my happy place. spotted on Fondly Seen

I spy with my little eye an adorable striped tote (via English Muffin)

This makes me smile. And deepens my desire to adopt a tiny, fluffy, playful kitten (via The Paris Apartment)

 Besotted by this "princess for a day" wedding gown (via Apple Brides). Also, I really wanted to use the word "besotted"

I'll take one in every color, thanks. Lovely shop discovered on One Fine Dae

Did you catch Jamie's double feature Manhattan/Brooklyn apartment shoot? It's divine.

And how are we today? Good, I hope, because it's Friday! I'm feeling rather chipper despite that fact that bending over in any capacity and walking down flights of stairs makes me wince. (though I keep telling myself that the pain is worth it since it indicates this week's accomplishment of running 3 miles without stopping and gearing up for tomorrow's 4-5 mile group run in the park). I'm also pretty stoked for a plan-filled weekend with family and friends. Maybe I'm high on adrenaline, but I feel like the energizer bunny right now. I'll take it while it lasts. 

Love & light, my friends.


  1. Lovely round-up - thank you for the link love!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Glad you are full of energy, Kayla! Love the striped tote (prep alert. ie. FABULOUS!)

    Have a smashing weekend my friend. xo

  3. Love that photo! What is sweeter than a little girl dancing with her pup, so cute!
    Have a lovely weekend!!

  4. love that calendar. one of the best i've seen floating around the blog world. have a great weekend, kayla!

  5. Such a perfect roundup of gorgeous things all of the internet! I'm absolutely in heaven!

  6. love all these images & links! hope you have a wonderful weekend kayla :)

  7. So many lovely finds - the gold rose vase and wedding exit...perfection!!

  8. OMG! Love the little kitten shot!

  9. Jane, It's hard not to repost everything on your tumblr!

    Will, preppiness definitely has its place. I like to inject it in small doses like with the bag :)

    Em, I love that image so much. It reminds me of my childhood (we had a lot of dogs)

    Caroline, Isn't Michelle so talented? Each of her paintings seems better than the last.

    Lena, Can I join you there with one of your smashing cocktails? ;)

    Rachel, right back at you, my friend!

    My design chic, thank you for stopping by! come again :)

    Rachel, I love the wedding dress from your featured wedding! thanks for visiting.

  10. what could be better than SPARKLERS at the end of your wedding? UM. nothing. love this!!! xo


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