01 November 2010

Scenes From The Weekend

I am a tad obsessed with the "shake it" application on my new iPhone. This weekend, I spent more time than I care to admit taking random pictures and doing a spastic dance to the sound of the application turning the image into a "polaroid."

These scenes exemplify exactly what went down the past two days: a lot of lazy time in sweatpants with a few short "breaks" for fresh air. Since that sounds oh-so-exciting (I can see you all jumping in anticipation!), I think I'll just provide brief captions for each image rather than the normal overview of the whole shebang.

My weekend in review:
1-Hot cups of tea on a very cold Friday night at a local restaurant in town;
2-Yummy chicken & broccoli dinner at the aforementioned restaurant;
3-My scary/silly face (I wish I could say I put it on solely to greet trick-or-treaters, but in all honesty, it's pretty typical of the type of faces I make on a daily basis);
4-Saturday afternoon walk in the neighborhood;
5-Bright purple mini orchids cheering up the bathroom;
6-New art books that probably won't leave the coffee table for weeks (not just because they're pretty but because they're chock full of fascinating information about each artist);
7-The "string & clothespin" display of botanical prints I finally got around to hanging;
8-View from my cozy bed on Sunday morning;
9-Bowl of Halloween goodies;
10-Reorganization of seasonal ware: boots stake their claim in the entry way where they will remain until March

We've been having really low-key weekends lately, but I'm not complaining in the least bit. With the upcoming holiday season swiftly approaching, I know that free time to do as we please will be scarce. So, I am milking it like crazy now.


  1. How divine is the view from your bedroom window? Errmmm, VERY! Fab weekend, Kayla!

  2. Fantastic weekend, that photo of you is too cute!
    And we brought out our boots last night too, there is no turning back now. Can't believe it is November already.

  3. I am too totally relishing a few lazy weekends before the craziness of the next two months. Sometimes it feels SO good to hang in pjs and read! and i too LOVE the shake it app! it makes normal phone photos so much more exciting!


  4. Love this weekend-it looks just like ours! John's little brother had a big football game that we went out to watch, but we were homebodies for the rest of the mini vacation!

  5. haha your pics put a smile on my face :) looks like someone had an awesome weekend.

  6. Will-it makes it hard to get out of bed!

    Em- I know, I feel like it was just August. craziness.

    Ashley-Nothing better, especially on the weekend :)

    Lena-Aw, I miss football games (I was a cheerleader in high school)

    Kimia-I'm glad they are enjoyed by more than just me ;)


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