22 November 2010

Scenes From The Weekend

It's Monday and a short work week for me. Weeee! I am pumped for full, fat bellies and the official kick-off to the holiday season.

This past weekend provided a lovely mix of activity. We woke up early on Saturday to attend the first group run with our coaches and training team at the park. It was 40 degrees when we started and I had serious doubts that I'd be able to finish 3 miles in the scheduled 3-5 mile run. I was shocked and thrilled when I completed 4.6! I honestly have no idea how I managed it, but it gave me the motivation to go forward with this crazy endeavor. 5 is the most mileage we need to run in the first month of training, so I'm feeling pretty good about the next few weeks. Talk to me again in January and perhaps I'll be singing a different tune...

The rest of the weekend included a trip to Queens to spend the day and night at my mom's place with my sister, who's home from college on Thanksgiving break. We splurged on manicures & pedicures, indulged in comfort food & wine, and spent a cozy Saturday evening snuggled up in bed watching Titanic. Good times, I tell you. Tiho joined us after his dinner plans with college buddies.

On Sunday, we ventured into Manhattan and trolled The Antiques Garage, where I picked up two pretty brooches (pictured above). We had hot chocolate and sandwiches at a small cafe in Chelsea while catching up with two of my dearest friends. It was difficult to return to obligatory work & chores after such a fulfilling weekend.

How was yours? Do you feel the holiday buzz beginning? Are you excited for it? I am sad to bid adieu to fall, but happy to welcome the spirit and "warmth" that this time of the year evokes.


  1. A cosy Saturday night under the covers watching Titanic? What fun! Glad you had a fun (and busy!) weekend, Kayla!

  2. Sounds lovely! We spent the weekend prepping for Christmas before we head to Maryland for Thanksgiving. Buying up all the tartan wrapping paper I could find, a new Christmas tree (well, two actually), and more ornaments. The plan is to set up the house so that we return from our road trip to a holiday wonderland! We'll see if we actually manage it =)

  3. Fun times! I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving.

  4. Oh my goodness-those nails! What a divine color on you! You've inspired me to go straight home and swipe a coat of polish on my naked fingertips!

    So glad you had such a wonderful weekend-ours was rainy, which gave us the perfect (and completely unnecessary) excuse to curl up under the covers and snuggle!

  5. cannot believe you ran so much in 40 DEGREES! you are my hero...its a good day if i do a whole mile.

  6. Lena, I can't get enough of red. my toes make me smile every night when I take off my socks.

    Haha Kimia, that made me laugh.


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