18 November 2010

Shiny Happy Things


I could try and blame it on the holidays but I'm pretty sure my affinity for everything shiny is permanently ingrained. I'm a believer that so long as thoughtfully edited, the addition of gold, silver, bronze or metallic accents can really, uh, polish an outfit or a room (pun intended).

A few faves:

Golden Throw Pillow;
Pink & Gold Rose Quartz Ring;
Birds of Flight;
Metallic Topsiders;
Bronze Star;
Banana Bud Vase;
Hans Jug;
Atessa Vase


  1. You had me at shiny happy things!

    (Loving our shared love of Zara Home)

  2. Shiny happy things should never be limited to only one season I say! That sequin pillow needs to be on my couch asap!

  3. that banana is PERFECT. love these :)

  4. Ooooh, shiny! What a perfect Thursday distraction!

  5. Will-what can I say, brothers & sisters often share good taste ;)

    Em-Have you checked out the rest of her shop? Over 800 pillows, most of them sparkly/shiny/happy.

    Kimia-I couldn't resist the banana (for obvious reasons).

    Lena-always happy to assist you in your distractability my friend.


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