05 November 2010

Weekend Blinks + Nana

How about kicking off your weekend with a few blinks (blog links)?

I just started collecting porcelain teacups from antique shops and flea markets. I'd start collecting pots too, if I had the space to put them (this adorable collection spotted on Blue Pool Road)

Spiced poached pears & warm chocolate sauce? This recipe by Tartelette just moved to our "must try immediately" pile
 Why does the French language make even the simplest things sound (and look) cuter? via Design is Mine

I kinda want this coloring book (discovered on Design Mom)

Yeah, that baby is delicious, but it's the plush guy to his right that warrants this mention. Is it strange that I want one for my guest room? via Babble

Pretty flowers and even prettier light, as seen on A Merry Mishap

Admiring this simple but beautiful screen print spotted on Tea For Joy
(Maybe it has something to do with my hummingbird obsession?)

Can I just copy all of the details from this wedding on Green Wedding Shoes?

Spread it. (via Bippity Boppity Boo)

I am SO excited about the opening of Alkeemi, the new online print shop of one of my best blogging pals, artist Kimia Kline. Also, if you don't already follow her lovely blog of the same name, get on that stat. She's pretty phenomenal.

Happy happy happy weekend wishes to you, my lovely ones. We're heading upstate tomorrow to celebrate my Nana's birthday with the whole maternal side of my family. I can't wait to spend some quality time with the people I love. What are you looking forward to?

Wherever you are, wishing you a blissful couple of days.


  1. Pretty sure those pears just made it to the top of my must try immediately list too, yum!!

  2. oh man. what a deliciously looking pear. =)

    happy friday Kayla!

  3. I need those teapots. All of them, in that cabinet. Also, that wedding is AMAZING, and I'm pretty thrilled about Kimia's new shop, too!

  4. Em & Linda, we are making the pears next week! I can't wait.

    Laken, aren't they? They make me so happy!

    Lena, you make me smile. always. xo.

    Jane, thank you thank you! and you as well :)

  5. Loved the teapots, too! Have a fab weekend, Kayla. Looking forward to your posts next week already! x

  6. AWWWW! this just made my day miss poole!! thanks so much for the sweet shout out :) xoxoxo


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