28 December 2010

And Then There Was A Blizzard

The northeast got slammed over the weekend. These were snapped after we dug out of the house on Monday afternoon for a little rendezvous through town. Two feet of snow. Magic!

Our neighbor went snowshoeing down main street. I settled for jumping into snowbanks and shaking branches.


  1. Looks like fun!!!!! I miss living in the suburbs. Also, nice boots :)

  2. you know you are my boot inspiration ;)

  3. Isn't it such an amazing feeling? Love snow days.

  4. Elizaebth, it is! There's still a ton out there but it's not quite as much fun now that the plows have been through and cars have made it dirtier ;)

    Colleen, did you guys get any in the mid west? If not, I'm sure a ton is coming this season.


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