03 December 2010

Blinks + Party

Have a go with some festive blinks (blog links)...

I want this globe so badly it's not even funny (shop discovered on Oh Joy)

My kind of morning scene (captured by Twig Hutchinson)

 Starlette crown/necklace. please & thank you. (seen on Simple Lovely)

Do you like chocolate fondue pots? I like chocolate fondue pots. Love the french design of these. (via Greige)

 Pretty twinkles by Irene Suchocki spotted on Lobster & Swan

 Aaaand I'm sunk. This colorful teapot has stolen my greedy little heart. (spotted on Miss Moss)

Fantastic quote from a fantastic author (via Creature Comforts)

Hey there sequined gold skirt. Are you a contender for my holiday party outfit this year? (discovered on Making It Lovely)

 Alternative to the Christmas tree? (via Veronika)

I am so ready for the weekend. Looking forward to getting purdy for a friend's holiday party in the city tomorrow night and (hopefully!) picking out/decorating our tree. I feel like the next three weeks are going to whip by at lightening speed, so I'm trying extra hard to cradle all of the little moments. 

Go play, lovely ones. You deserve it.


  1. Yes, yes and more yes-perfect blinks! I absolutely adore that sequined skirt, and those Aran socks are calling my name!

    Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend-it's going by so quickly!

  2. That bookshelf Christmas tree is genius! Love it!! I hope you have loads of fun at the party!!

  3. love those globes! they were featured on dailycandy SF this past week---i think the lady that makes them is here in town? they would make such cute presents--or even craft projects to do on our own :)

  4. Lena-do you know where to buy those socks? I am dying for a pair (or two!)

    Em-Isn't the bookshelf tree so genius? I love the idea.

    Kimia-Man, San Fransisco has everything :)

  5. I've always had such a warm spot in my heart for marshmallows. They always make me so happy even just looking at them. They look so darn fluffy!

    Patricia Ann


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