30 December 2010

In Review

2010 was pretty awesome. A few highlights...

This past year, I:

went snowboarding in Vermont;
signed a lease on an apartment with my love;
lost 3 years worth of data when my hard drive crashed but found solace in a favorite blog (yes, I'm a weirdo);
lived vicariously through my sister during her semester abroad in London;
started a fun globe collection;
admired rainbows in the form of flower fields, pancakes & randomly assorted images;
enjoyed a spring weekend and two summer weekends on Cape Cod;
reveled in happiness and positivity;
said goodbye to one class of students and hello to another;
spent a week in paradise on a cruise to Haiti, Puerto Rico & St. Maarten. (and who can forget snuba?!);
got my tweet on;
met Katie Holmes (sort of);
celebrated turning twenty-four with a list;
captured upstate NY in the fall;
hosted Thanksgiving;
started training & fundraising for a marathon.

Whew. And that was just a taste. Bring it, 2011.

(image...random, but I love it)


  1. A very exciting year! I am working on my year in review today...

    Happy New Year Kayla! xx

  2. what a great year....
    love the globe collection :)
    happy new year

  3. Susan- happy new year to you as well, lovely! Looking forward to reading your year in review.

    Michelle- and a very happy new year to you and your sweet family!


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