14 December 2010

Jane Booth

These paintings closely resemble my dreams. Lots of bright color and beautiful composition. Light, bright and completely fantastic.

I recently discovered Jane Booth's work and am so in love with her style. Can you imagine the impact one of these would make on your wall? In fact, I think she's inspired me to start an "art pot." Otherwise known as a savings account for my future gallery of original canvases.

See more of Jane's inspiring work on her website and flickr account.


  1. Jane's work is new to me - so thanks for the intro. She's won me over with her colourful works already!

  2. these are beautiful - so colourful and alive. would certainly cheer up any room!

  3. How lovely! Her sense is color is absolutely stunning!

  4. Will, glad you found a new artist to love!

    Emma, I need to pick your brain (re art collecting). you have such beautiful pieces in your home.

    Lena, yes, the color blows me away. happy you like :)


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