03 December 2010

Just Because

On my way home from work last night, I spontaneously stopped by our neighborhood sweets shoppe and picked up two cupcakes. I arrived home to find dinner on the table and a grinning Tiho offering the following greeting: "My beautiful girl is home. Life is amazing." We popped the cork on a bottle of cabernet and toasted, simply, to "us." Just Because.

My heart feels lightest when it's full.


  1. So cute! My man rarely comes home before me but he always makes me breakfast in bed on weekends. I cherish every day with him, and I'm sure you do too. Happy weekend! :-)

  2. Such a good guy. The other day I came home to John cleaning in his underwear, and totally melted. How did we ever get so lucky?

  3. Maya-Lucky girl!

    Cailin & Kimia-thank you. It was such a nice night :)

    Lena-Ha that made me giggle. And I know, I pinch myself all the time.


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