09 December 2010

An Ode To Light

As mentioned previously, we decorated for the holidays this past weekend. There is no scheme (unless you count "simple"), and mostly equates to the addition of a pair of miniature nutcrackers and the tree. As a kid, nutcrackers were my favorite element of Christmas decor. I think I used to sleep with one during the month of December. Our tree is real (no fakes in this household! I have passionate feelings about the smell of evergreen).

Oh my little tree. I love it.

We opted for white lights and an assortment of fun ornaments (lots of sparkle/gold/silver plus a few bright punches of color).

My beloved angel sits on top. She's the one item that remains on display in the house throughout the year. (Post holidays, her home is on the kitchen windowsill).

In order to extend the festiveness into additional rooms, we strung up white twinkle lights in our bedroom. I like to think of the bed as having a crown (and I am loving the constant presence of a soft romantic glow...)

Tiho really wanted colored lights somewhere in the house, so he rigged up the stairwell. (I've never been a huge fan of colored Christmas lights, but I gotta admit, I'm feeling them in this capacity).

I delighted in our home prior to the holiday transformation, but I am experiencing a serious love affair with it now.

Has this happened to you? Does anyone else feel as jolly as I do?


  1. Yes, super duper jolly! We have strung soft, glowing red fairy lights around our bedhead! It looks so festive! Lovely to see your decorations, Kayla!

  2. I do I do!!! *jumps around in joy* hehehe :D ^_^

  3. Although I'm not that religious or a big shopper, Christmas is my favorite holiday and colored lights and pine smell are to blame, so I'm right there with ya. I hate it when people overdo it in their lawns though, and I often have the urge to sneak out to the worst offenders and cut a cord or two to make it stop:)

    We lucked out with a gorgeous tree (you don't really know what you;re getting when they are all squished in the store) that is filling half of our livingroom:-) And just like you, I put colored lights in the bedroom to make it glowie and romantic. Tis the season for love! :-)

  4. Will, Ohhh sexy red! I like :)

    Zaira, ha my emotion matches yours, my friend.

    Maya, agreed on all counts. And I actually don't practice any religion (people are often surprised to hear that) but I consider myself very spiritual. Something about this holiday touches me in a profound way!

  5. we are still searching for a tree teeny enough to fit in our apartment :) hah! currently living vicariously through the decorations of our neighbors... :)

  6. What an adorable tree! I too am not a huge colored light fan, but these look so cheerful and happy!

    As for our own Christmas decorating, we've been putting it off since we'll be gone so much this month. But seeing everyone else's wonderful decorations has me itching to cover everything in the house with garland!

  7. Sigh... I missed those days when I would decorate with lights and ornaments. It made the season that much more special. Unfortunately, I always travel during this time of year so there hasn't really been a point to set up one.

    Patricia Ann


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