31 December 2010

Sayonara 2010 + A Few Blinks

Rounding out with a few New Year's Eve blinks (blog links)...

Coveting this sweatshirt so badly. (spotted on Size Too Small)

Mmmmm. Dulce de leche can do no wrong (via Seesaw)

 Would I spend $48 on a bottle of olive oil? Probably, but just because it looks like this. (via Oh Joy!)

 Simple truth from a favorite artist. (spotted on Patterson Maker)

 Hello pretty office space. I like you muchly. (spotted on Delight by Design)

How cool is this juice box film camera? So cool. (via Swiss Miss)

Beautiful painting by new-to-me artist, Jenny Parsons (discovered via Amateur Couture)

 Because sweaters should go on everything. (DIY tutorial from Sweet Paul)

 So fitting. (printable poster by idea-obscura)

Peace out, 2010. You've been stellar. Plunging into 2011 with a big smile and open arms. Oh, and lots and lots of Prosecco. Time to go draft a few resolutions. Catch you all back here in the new year! xo.


  1. Oh I love it all. You get to all the blogs that I wish I had time to read : )

  2. I love the juice box camera-- so cute! Happy New Year!

  3. Colleen, ha, just barely. I do a lot of blog reading on the train every day!

    Celeste, isn't is adorable? love the concept.

  4. ooh, I love all of these! especially the candle sweater -- adorable.

  5. just hung the ghandi print in my apartment - thanks for sharing!


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