27 December 2010

Scenes From The Past Few Days

 (Dark chocolate covered cranberries. Yes!)

Well hello. I am still in holiday mode and am likely to remain this way until I return to work on January 3rd. It's hard to believe that the calendar year is wrapping up in just a couple of days, though I can't wait for all that's to come in 2011. I'm really too lazy for eloquence right now, so I leave you with a few lovely things from break thus far...

 (The Radio City Christmas Spectacular never fails to delight)

(Rockin' my new Bean Boots in the blizzard)

(The perfect little flower earrings--gift from my sister)

(Completely engulfed in this book gifted by Tiho's lovely parents)

(A gift from a parent at school. Honeysuckle scent. Aka, I'm spoiled).

Hope you are staying warm and toasty! I'm off to pour myself a cup of hot coffee before venturing to the park for a little snowman-building and angel-making.


  1. I actually thought of you when I saw that book in the store, ha! I'm glad you have it. Don't you love those Bean boots?!

  2. Susan, I saw this book online several weeks back and immediately added it to my amazon wish list. If I hadn't received it at Christmas, it would have been the first thing I bought myself. And yes, Bean boots are changing my life :)

  3. Um, I was just looking at that book on Amazon! Now I really want to get it.

    LOVE your bean boots!!

    Hope you had fun with Tiho's parents : )

  4. Colleen, Get the book! It's amazing. Get the bean boots too! They're amazing. And yes, we are having lots of fun, thanks for asking (they are here until after the new year).


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