06 December 2010

Scenes From The Weekend

(all images my own. click to enlarge)

Hello again. How was your weekend? Are you immersed in nutmeg and twinkle lights and pine needles and jingle bells like I am?

I can't help but get completely caught up in the holiday cheer. We set up the tree and decorated the house this weekend. The tree and I are exactly the same height (5 feet) and I adore it. I love the pine scent that fills the living room, the beautiful white lights, the miniature nutcrackers on the console table and the ornaments we picked out (lots of sparkle!). I'll share shots of the tree and other decorations in a separate post later this week. 

I was excited for our long training run on Saturday morning but had a minor ankle injury resurface (from years ago), so I was only able to complete a few miles. Appropriately, we attended a marathon injury-prevention clinic directly following, which was informative and helpful. After talking to the coaches, I'll be picking up a new pair of sneakers and doing a special therapeutic warm up for the next few weeks. A small hiccup that we thankfully caught early.

The party on Saturday night was so much fun. It's always lovely to have an excuse to get gussied up and spend time with friends. I even let myself get a nice buzz and spent most of the train ride home giggling like a banshee as we (randomly) tried to spell words backwards. Sleeping in 'til eleven on Sunday was necessary and felt amazing.

Aside from that, a bit of gift shopping, house cleaning and paper-writing rounded out the weekend. I can't believe we're less than a month from the new year. Where does the time go?

P.S. I couldn't resist that owl mug at Pier 1. He was only $8 and worth every penny.


  1. A lovely, restful weekend! We had a nap on Saturday afternoon - so naughty but so good!

    Those trees with their twinkling white lights are so festive. Ho ho ho!

    Wishing you a wonderful week, Kayla. xo

  2. you look adorable with your red lips and coat! sounds like a lovely weekend my dear!

  3. I agree with Ashley-you look so sweet in your coat, and I love those little red shoes! John and I were also out late at a holiday party on Saturday night and I'm embarrassed at how late I stayed in bed!

    So glad you guys had a wonderful weekend!

  4. Will-A Saturday afternoon nap is one of the most glorious things in life.

    Ashely & Lena, thanks for the compliment. Cannot deny that I matched the coat and lips purposefully...


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