13 December 2010

Scenes From The Weekend

(a giant 60-pack box of assorted coffee k-cups. new flavors every day!)

Hi! How was your weekend? Mine was, in a word, quiet. A perfect sort of quiet though, one where you bask in the tranquility and stillness of your surroundings while simultaneously feeling fulfilled from a surge of productivity and an assortment of little accomplishments. Essentially, exactly the sort of weekend I needed.

Aside from a few errands on Friday evening and a early Saturday morning training run (5.25 miles in twenty degree temps, thank you very much!), we didn't really leave the house. The following photos represent a few objects/meals/moments/individuals I stopped to appreciate this weekend.

(the gallery wall in the living room. Nothing new, but it makes me happy to look at)

 (simple ingredients for a delicious lunch)

 (a stove delivery on Saturday to replace our old ugly one. thank you landlords!)

(fresh razors. because nothing beats a shave with brand new, rainbow-hued blades)

(black tea, lavender honey and a pretty mug on a rainy day. this mug also held coffee with cream AND white pomegranate tea over the course of the weekend)

(Minimalistic holiday cards. pack of 32 for only $4 dollars at Ikea)

 (this face. because it's the one that kisses me hello in the morning and indulges me with cardboard tube sword fights en route to the recycling bin)

What made you smile this weekend? Please share...I'd love to hear about any little thing that brings you joy.


  1. cardboard tube sword fights = fun, fun, fun!

  2. This weekend the biggest smile was for my neighbor who brought over my lost J.Crew package, I could have fainted with joy. We should have had a weekend of Christmas shopping (we are soooooo behind) but instead it was mostly a weekend of rainy day movie watching and bookshelf reorganizing, and I must admit I loved it.

  3. On Sunday, my wonderful man slaved for a LONG time to squeeze the juice out of a pomegranate and prepare me the freshest and most delicious martini I've ever had. I returned the favor with baked lamb and mashed potatoes from scratch. Yes, that's why I'm buying bigger size pants now:)

    On a more commercial note, we went to a great Rammstein concert in Madison Square Garden...I think their first ever in the US? Nothing's more romantic than a sweaty, German heavy metal singer crooning "Spring in Paris" with smokes and fire all around:-)

  4. I also had a nice quiet, cozy weekend with mr. fleurishing & billy. I love your recaps...makes me smile!

  5. I'm so glad to hear you got some much needed rest this weekend! We finished both of John's final papers this weekend (I'm calling it we because I was the one editing after midnight!) and make a TON of sweets-butterscotch candies, fleur de sel caramels and Irish car bomb cupcakes!

  6. Ah, sounds lovely!

    I came up to visit my Mum's. I have two baby sisters so we took them to a country park to see Santa Claus, and see the farm animals - it was really lovely.

  7. Will, oh they are indeed! Except I don't win.

    Em, hooray for the found package and bookshelf organizing :)

    Maya, a pomegranate martini? my tongue is itching to try one.

    Susan, thank you! These are my favorite posts to write. Do you have snow in PA right now? Cuddly, cozy weekends inside are one of my most favorite things about the Northeastern winters.

    Lena, are you wonder woman? not one, not two, but three decadent sweets created AND free editing? You are welcome to visit my house anytime you want :)

    Elizabeth, your weekend makes my heart happy. What beats Santa clause and farm animals with little sisters?

  8. Sounds a lot like our weekend - lots of (much needed) time at home.
    I really like your gallery wall, by the way! We are slowly starting one piece by piece.

  9. i just bought a bunch of k-cups this weekend. i'm stocking up for the holidays. they're soo delish!


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