20 December 2010

Scenes From The Weekend

 (blue gingham and pink tulips make the whole kitchen feel like spring)

 Happy Monday! 

I'm finally feeling relaxed after a weekend of intense house cleaning/organizing and more writing than my brain can handle. All I can say is, this little grad student is very excited for the end of the term. I always joke that I love graduate school until the weekend before the final week of the semester. But, papers are nearly edited (to be handed in tonight, yes!) and all that I'm left with is giddy anticipation for the arrival of Tiho's family. So stoked.

We managed to squeeze in a little trip to my mom's apartment in Queens for a late lunch with some friends yesterday. It involved cupcakes, early Christmas presents, spicy Indian food and spirited political debate. None of that got documented though, so I leave you with a few other joyous (random) bits...

(spotting a rainbow reflected on the bathroom door while scrubbing soap scum from the shower)

(newly acquired porcelain teacup from my favorite local antique shop)

(A bouquet of "just because" roses from Tiho)

(finding new uses for an adorable honey jar I couldn't bare to dispose of)

(a braided, semi-disheveled up do that feels far fancier than a ponytail and takes less than 7 minutes to achieve)

(continuously basking in all of the holiday sparkle in my home)

Care to share any of your own little joys? I love hearing about them. Here's to hoping for a wonderful day (and week!).


  1. Show me some blue gingham and I'm a happy chap! xo

  2. Several things: that teacup is divine.

    The braid is perfect-messy, undone and chic.

    Spicy Indian food, cupcakes, Christmas gifts and spirited political debate sound like my idea of heaven!

  3. Colleen- thank you!

    Will- me too, my friend. me too.

    Lena- I'm addicted to wearing the braid now. And staring at but not using my teacup. I'm so weird.


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