10 December 2010

Slowing Down (+ Some Pretty Blinks)

Hope you enjoy this week's pretties:

So tempted to place an order for 5 yards of awesome Glitter Ribbon.  (Fun shop discovered on Besotted Blog)

Mila Kunis in this photograph = my newest style icon. Anyone else excited to see Black Swan? (image spotted on Thistle & Clover)

Really really great colors. (image by cappy hotchkiss via It's Mary Ruffle)

Loving these fun pencils shared by Joanna (beautiful and nyc)

 I've been sharing a few of my favorite 2011 calenders over the past several weeks, but this one? This one absolutely and without doubt, takes the cake.  Uh-may-zing. (discovered via Jane's tweet)

So many things about this photograph make me smile. The petite striped couch, the details on the window frames, her form! (Dani Padgett's flickr via The English Muse)

Admiring the engagement ring & wedding band as seen in this beautiful backyard wedding

You know Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? I had that sort of night/day earlier this week (Wednesday into Thursday), which involved a brief but awful stint with a stomach virus; slipping and falling on the sidewalk where I landed hard on my knee and subsequently ripped my favorite jeans; the maxing out of my budget due to a few unexpected expenses, and surveying my December to-do list and wanting to burst into tears (okay, I actually did burst into tears from a combination of everything).

The good news? I'm feeling better physically and am significantly less stressed after taking a sick day yesterday. (Probably because I spent the majority of the day sleeping).

This weekend is void of commitments and will be spent reorganizing upcoming priorities and relaxing. It's really not as bad as it all sounds, I promise. I just had to slow down for a minute. 

Wishing you a blissfully tranquil weekend. Do me a favor and take a step back from it all, will you? Sometimes we all need a gentle reminder to do just that, and since I care about you (I really do!), consider yourself reminded. xo.


  1. Thanks for the link Kayla! I hope you get that calendar... it makes me so happy to look at!

  2. Oh Kayla, sorry about your horrid day. Sometimes a good cry and a good sleep make everything look a bit better in the morning. Here's hoping it all works itself out, and I do hope your knee heals quickly. =)
    And that calendar absolutely wins for next year, I love that you can see the whole year at a glance, might serve as a good reminder of just how much time has gone by!
    Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  3. Glitter ribbon will make that crappy day so much better-I'm sure of it! Relax and take care of yourself this weekend-it sounds like you've been going hard, and it's important to make some time to just be still.

    That ring and band is my idea of heaven. As is our date this weekend (to see Black Swan)!

  4. Now you have some gorgeous new boots to trot through the weekend in style :)

  5. Jane, I am seriously thinking about it. It could very well be the first piece I buy for the office reno :)

    Em and Lena, thank you both for your sweet words and encouragement. Friends like you in the blog world make me so happy and grateful! Enjoy your respective weekends.

    Emily, we need to go shopping more often. It's not like we don't see each other enough ;) (no, but really, more out-of-work plans are necessary!)

  6. Errrrm, so I kinda love those pencils (both designs!).

    Hope you've had a usual fabulous Kayla-style weekend!

  7. that wedding ring is so perfect. and talk about an INCREDIBLE calendar! loved loved loved it.


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