25 January 2011

French School Girls on a Saturday Afternoon

This is what happens when I sharpen my pack of colored pencils and turn my living room floor into a mini studio. 

Inspiration stemmed from the following french phrase: tout ce qui est petit es mignon! (everything which is small is cute!) and took off from there.

I tend to sketch several similar drawings with varying details when I sit down with a blank canvas. No rhyme or reason drives my doodles: simply good old-fashioned creative fun and an afternoon void of agenda.


  1. Adorable! The first one is my fav...;)

  2. This is too cute!!! I think the rainbow girl is my favorite, she seems to have such a self assured little attitude about her, love it!!

  3. This is absolutely darling! The "bonjour!" and "au revoir!" girl is just too sweet, but I don't think I could possibly pick a favorite!

  4. I love the jacket that most of the girls are wearing- great buttons!

    I haven't done any drawing in a while. Might be time for a new pack of pencils!

  5. Susan, I *think* she might be mine too. I can't decide.

    Em, she is so self-assured. I appreciate her confidence and rainbow tights ;)

    Lena, you are too sweet, my friend.

    Erin, do it! it felt so wonderful to create something. (And thanks for noticing the buttons...I think I secretly want a cape with buttons like these)

  6. aww! "everything which is small is cute" is such a darling phrase. (and so true.)

  7. these are so fun...can I borrow their outfits for a day? (and their cute hair :)


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