04 January 2011

Playing Tourist

With Tiho's family visiting from Europe the past two and a half weeks, I had fun playing tourist. Over break, we spent a particularly enjoyable night walking all over the city (from Union Square to Rockefeller plaza to Times Square*) admiring the tree, cavorting in the giant Toys R' Us and eating until our buttons popped. 

*It is a rare occurrence to find me in Times Square, especially so close to the winter holidays. After thirty minutes of walking, I felt serious "road rage" while trying to navigate the sidewalks. All in good cheer, I suppose, so long as it's in moderation :)

(images snapped on my iPhone, mostly taken while walking)


  1. How adorable you all look, and what a wonderful time! I agree, wandering around Times Square is not my favorite thing this time of year (or ever, really), but you can't deprive your visitors of the experience!

  2. You can't beat a good wonder around a city you love with people you love! Great fun (cute coat, too!)

  3. So fun and festive! By the way, I LOVE your coat!

  4. Lena, exactly!

    Will, Colleen and Alli, red is my power color. Cherries and berries and rubies, oh my.

    P.S. the coat is GUESS. I bought it on sale ($200 to $75!)


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