20 January 2011

Proust Q & A

Susan is one of those individuals you immediately click with, and someone I feel blessed to call a dear friend. "Meeting" her through blogging has been one of the highlights of creating this space. Today, I am honored to be featured in her "Proust Q & A" interview series. I really enjoyed filling out the questionnaire and would love if you visited Susan's beautiful blog, Fleurishing to have a look. Thank you so much for inviting me to participate, Susan! Find the interview right here.


  1. Aww...thanks sweet lady! It was a pleasure to have you participate, merci beaucoup! Hope to really meet someday soon...;)

  2. I love that you said round buddha bellies on children! I thought about doing a Proustian Questionnaire on my blog also a while back because there are such great questions to respond to. Love your answers!

  3. Can't wait to read your Proust answers-it's my favorite questionnaire!

  4. Um, what a gorgeous photo, lovely lady! hope you can make it next year to Alt Summit. It's been such a blast. Great interview too :). Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog, always ;)

  5. Christine, round buddha bellies on preschoolers are one of my favorite things ever.

    Liz, I'm working the budget so Alt can happen next year!

    Everyone, thank you for your sweet comments :)


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