02 January 2011


I really enjoy creating a small list at the start of each year. It keeps me motivated. Smacks my butt a bit. Forces me to release aspirations into the universe.

A few things I'm looking forward to in 2011...

Writing more thank you notes.
Joining a book club.
Collecting more original art.
Checking & returning voice mail messages within 24 hours of receiving them.
Crossing the marathon finish line (!)
Saving for a SLR camera. Learning how to use it by taking photos every day.
Recording the best moment of each day in a gratitude journal. 
Folding and putting away clean laundry within a one-hour period of it exiting the dryer.
Traveling as much as possible. Making it happen.
Planning more dinner parties, brunch dates and game nights with friends.
Exploring freelance writing opportunities.
Revisiting & fulfilling my "25 Before 25" list.
Taking chances. Trusting intuition. Embracing challenges & changes. Seeking prosperity & abundance.

What about you? Any resolutions? Goals? Wishes? Let's keep each other on our toes. It's fun.

And, if you're interested, last year's resolutions. I actually did pretty well with them and plan to keep on doing well with them :)

(image-a favorite print by Genine)


  1. this is a great list! many good things to look forward to for you. i'm always a fan of doing more travels (or...saving up for travels i should say).

    i think one of my main goals this year is to read more. or at least finish books that i start. i can't recall how many books i've left unfinished in 2010. =\

    happy new year, kayla!

  2. These are great, Kayla! I especially love 1) saving for the camera (it will change your life), 2) gratitude journal, and 3) the laundry dilemma. : ) Yay! xoxo

  3. Linda, a great goal indeed. I'm pretty good with finishing books. My problem is needing more time to get through the constantly growing stack on my nightstand :)

    Colleen, do you have an SLR? I'm researching different models now and looking for input!

  4. Wow, that's at least half similar to the things that I would like to accomplish this year:-) (As lame as it sounds) how do you look to find book clubs or reading groups around here? I have that unsettling fear that it's very hard to meet people in Jersey, unlike NYC....

    I have an older model SLR, a Nikon D40, and I am a big Nikon fan but I haven't looked around lately what's been out.

    I love the idea of recording the little daily happy things. Maybe this year I can finally do some scrapbooking and collect all my memories in one non-digital place.

    And (sigh), I am one of those who also need to lose a few pounds...:-(

  5. "Folding and putting away clean laundry within a one-hour period of it exiting the dryer."

    Oh, how I need to add this to my own list!

    Missed our blogging natterings over the holidays: it's good to be back, missy!

  6. Great list! I hope 2011 brings you nothing but joy and good things!!

  7. happy new year, Kayla! taking chances and embracing challenges is a huge resolution for me as well! great list.

  8. Loooove the print! (And your sweet resolutions!)

    Happy New Year!

  9. Maya, thanks for sharing camera info. The Nikon D3000 is one of my top choices right now.

    Will, I missed you too, sir!

    Em, I hope so. And same to you :)

    Caroline, yes, biggies for sure. This year will be filled with changes and challenges so I'm mentally prepping myself and embracing it all!

    Elizabeth, is yours framed yet? ;)


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