10 January 2011

Scenes From The Weekend

What a weekend! We made it to Buffalo on Friday and spent Saturday and Sunday swept up in the romance of a snowy winter wedding. I started crying the second the church doors opened and I caught glimpse of my radiant friend walking down the aisle. I wasn't expecting that emotion to hit me as swiftly as it did and could barely take photos as my hands were occupied with tissues throughout the entire ceremony. I managed to pull it together by the time the evening reception rolled around, and wow, what a fairytale night it turned out to be.

We ate, we laughed, we drank, we mingled, we toasted, we cheered, and we danced. The live funk band (complete with zoot suits!) was easily the highlight of the evening. The sweet post-wedding brunch on Sunday morning rounded out a truly beautiful weekend.

Anne-Marie and Mike, thank you for inviting us to be a part of your joyous celebration!

(P.S. The remnants of the snowfall. I feel thankful for the blanket of fresh snow turning our street into a wonderland).


  1. Fantastic! Congrats to your friends.

    You are from Buffalo? Funny, I am from Erie originally.

  2. What a beautiful wedding! The snow pic is gorgeous...hope you had fun in it!

  3. Elizabeth, I'm actually not from Buffalo...just traveled there for the weekend to attend my friend's wedding (it's her hometown). I was raised all over (Boston, Cape Cod, Floria and NY) and have lived in the NYC metro area the past 7 years :)

    Susan, I snapped that on Friday before leaving for the airport. It's our neighbor's house and I thought it looked so pretty in the snow.

  4. I'm so, so, SO glad you guys got out of NY without trouble, and delighted at your gorgeous weekend! Plus, look at how hot you looked-Tiho must have been in heaven!

  5. I'm sensing a little wedding fever...! : )

    Sounds very fun. That house is so cute - is that where you live??

  6. Kimia, Emily and Lena...I'm blushing. (though I admit I felt pretty sassy with my red lips and black lace) ;)

    Colleen, haha guilty as charged. I'm lucky Tiho is a good sport. To answer your question, that's actually my neighbor's house, and I agree...so cute!

  7. Three things:

    1) The wedding sounds utterly magical.

    2) You rock that black dress something silly!

    3) Your street looks like it's straight out of the Muppet's Christmas Carol - and that's no bad thing!

  8. You have a gift, Kayla, aside from being one...the magic of each moment that transpired during the course of your weekend robs me of my breath.i am thrilled by how much joy you enjoy in your life with Tihomir...

    -shegadjiata s goliamo sarce

  9. I am jealous of all the snow you all are getting on the east coast! and a gorgeous picture of your neighbors house :) Sounds like a fabulous wedding and you both looked great!

  10. Will, thank you!

    Dad, I love when you comment. It always makes me smile.

    Ashley, I am jealous that you live in Europe and of all the California sunshine you just inhaled on your trip home...so consider us even? ;)

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