17 January 2011

Scenes From The Weekend

(grilled cheese squares for lunch)
 (one of many silly drawings I sketched this weekend)

 (magazine & peppermint tea = requisite lounging materials)

 (late night trawling of the internet at the newly set up desk space in the living room)

(pretty colored pencils)
 ($3 salt & pepper shakers bought Friday after work. I already own two very nice salt & pepper shakers, but apparently, I have hoarding issues)

 (admiring the calendar every time I walk into the kitchen. I like that I love my calendar)

 (impromptu breakfast picnic on our bedroom floor, courtesy of Tiho running out to the local bakery before I woke up and surprising me with a "just-the-way-I-like-it" bagel)

Whew. I was Hyper with a capital H in my last post. I've calmed down a bit after a relaxing weekend at home.

On Friday night, we met up with friends for dinner & drinks and then (finally!) saw Black Swan. (loved). After our indoor picnic on Saturday morning, I puttered around the house all morning doing random things. I tried to make homemade caramel sauce and burned my finger. It really hurt! In the process of hopping from the stove to the sink, I knocked over a bottle of vanilla extract--spilling it everywhere--and then, while tending to my injury, proceeded to burn the batch of caramel. oops.  After a second, half-assed attempt with one hand in a bowl of ice water, I gave up. I'll try again next weekend. Any tips? I had no idea caramel was so testy.

I felt momentarily bummed out by the lack of caramel brownie crumbs on my tongue, so I took out my colored pencils and spent almost the entire afternoon and evening drawing. I haven't done that in a long time and it felt really fantastic. I am not an illustrator: I've just always enjoyed doodling and making little stories. I'll share some of the weekend's sketches in an upcoming post (a french school girl theme emerged, not sure why). Before hitting the hay on Saturday night, I watched the Miss America pageant and felt really old when I realized that the newly crowned Miss America was born in 1993.

Sunday involved lots of reading and an afternoon run to the park. It wasn't horribly cold, but the icy patches and slushy sidewalks sure made for an amusing experience. Mac n' cheese, football playoffs (rip Patriots) & the Golden Globes capped off the weekend.

I have the day off today because of this man. I was going to write a small tribute but then decided I still like what I posted last year in honor of him. Check it out if you like :)

Happy Monday, pretties!


  1. Bar the caramel-saga, your weekend looks (and sounds) like muchos fun! Impromptu picnics on the bedroom floor = win. Coloured pencils = win. An upcoming post of your doodles = super duper win!

  2. Agree with Will. :) Plus, you are right to love your calendar, I love your calendar too! :)

    1993?! Uh, I feel pld too...

  3. Aw, hope the finger heals up quickly so you can get back on that caramel-wagon!

    P.S. that calender is rad.

  4. Your weekend sounds like 80% like mine, minus the drawing and the caramel.:) My only experience is caramelizing sugar for creme caramel. But keep trying! When I was baking cheese pies for a living, I had all my hands and arms burnt for weeks until I got so good at it I could flip them in my sleep:)

    Hey, we have the same cute little wine racks, only 3 of them. Ikea, right?

    Was Black Swan too disturbing? I hear polarized opinions and as much as I like deep movies, too disturbing sometimes doesn't sit well with me.

  5. It sounds like you had an absolutely divine weekend! And yes, I too felt old when Miss America was crowned! 1993-yikes!

    Enjoy the day off-and such a beautiful tribute to MLK.

    xo, Lena

  6. Oh, and the trick with caramel sauce? A wide, shallow pan as opposed to a high, deep one so that the heat is spread a little more evenly, a very heavy pan, and near constant stirring. It's work, but so worth it!

  7. Sounds like a great weekend aside from the caramel incident! Your calendar is adorable... and that looks like the bagel of my dreams! ha :)

    ps. can't believe the patriots lost!

  8. sounds like a great weekend! Hope you enjoy your day off today!

  9. Will, yay for winning :)

    Masha, Jane, Elizabeth, it feels like the prettiest thing in my house right now!

    Maya, yes the wine rack is from Ikea, and yes, Black Swan was very disturbing. I won't lie about that, especially if you don't like disturbing. I thought it was amazing though. Not sure if that helps, ha.

    Lena, thank you for the caramel tips, darling. I am determined to master it soon.

    Alli, I can't believe it either! They're my team through and through. Major bummer.

    Ashely, thank you, I did :)

    Chelsea, they were...nothing like a fat, toasted onion bagel with plain cream cheese and lots of fresh tomato.

  10. I love how colorful your weekend was! I've never tried to make caramel before, but I'm kind of afraid to after reading about your experience ;)

  11. Can't wait to see your doodles! I need to get some art up on the blog too. The fact that Tiho brought you your bagel is so sweet- he's a keeper : ) Yay!


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